Rules of the race

the time limit on the half marathon competition is 3 hours 15 minutes.

  1. by registering every contestant agrees to  the rules of the competition. All contestants should enter the competition at their own risk, claim that their general health condition is appropriate for the race and accept that       the organizers are not responsible for any wound and damage happening in the course of the race.
  2. Time limit is: 3 hours and 15 minutes. For those who arrive later than this organisers cannot provide the time measurement, and the foto service in the finish line.
  3. the organizers provide a separate tent for the luggage of the contestants and they also transport the luggage to the finish
  4. the organizers do not take the responsibility for valuables left in the luggage.
  5. the organizers do not preserve valuables
  6. The relay point are at 7,2 and 14,7 kms.
  7. The start numbers must be worn on the front and must be visible at all times. Folding the start numbers is forbidden, we provide a safety pin to fasten them on the t-shirts. Any contestant who folds, covers, takes off the start number or does not wear it on the front, or does not  accomplish the whole distance of the race, or does not provide valid or enough information  on the entry forms may be eliminated.
  8.  any contestant leaving the track or not acting fair may also be eliminated
  9. It is forbidden to escort the runner with a car, motorbike, or other vehicle. The break of this rule can cause the runner’s exlusion from the race. (The reason is, that such a vehicle which is going in the same pace as a runner, can greatly disturb the other runners.)
  10. roller skating, cycling, running without start number  or with a dog is strictly forbidden
  11.  any advertising or commercial activity in the course of the race in only allowed with the organizers’ permission.
  12.  the organizers reserve the right to block the number of the contestants and close the registration any time.
  13.  the organizers reserve the right to change the route, the relay distances, the programme and the starting time.
  14.  the organizers reserve the right to take photos and film of the race and the contestants. These will be the sole property of the organizers. The photos and films can be used for any further commercial or advertising material. In these cases the participants are not eligible for any compensation.
  15. If the invoicing details are different from the name given during the online registration, participants have to send it in written form to the organsiers by e-mail, or on the spot on the paper registration form latest by the day of the race.
  16.  The race will be held in any weather condition.
  17.  The registration is not transferable, and participants are not allwoed to demand their registration fee back.
  18.  In case or the cancellation 100 % of the entry fee can be transfered for the next year’s race. The sum can be used again within a year. Deadline of cancellation is Sunday midnight before the race. Registration cancellation has to be by e-mail sent to the info(at)
  19.  contestants may protest within an hour after the end of the race .
  20.  By filling in and signing the entry form the contestants accept the terms and conditions of the race.
  21.  By filling in the entry form the contestants agree that the organizers store their personal data.
  22.  by entering the race and accepting the terms and conditions the contestants accept that the organizers may send them newsletters to their e-mail address .