New date

When we designed the logo of this year’s race -having the catholic church of Tusnad on it- we had no idea that it will have such a strong magnetic effect, that it will even catch the attention of the pope itself.  But putting aside the humour, most of you are already informed most probably, that the head of the Roman Catholic Church will visit, first time ever in history, Transylvania on the 1st June 2019. Pope Francis will celebrate an open air mass only 35 km from Tusnad, on the same day when the 11 HRI Vitalion Tusnad Marathon was announced last summer. This unforeseen event brings so many changes (eg. due to the huge traffic expected, we can’t get route licence for the race neither for the 1st nor the 2nd June.) that we had no other choice than put the race on another weekend.

The new date of the race: 25. May 2019.

Starting package and ordered merchandising items can be picked up in the race centre in Tusnad on 24. May 2019 17:00-20:00, or on 25. May 2019 7:30-9:00.

We hope that the new date will work out for most of you. Those ones however for whom the new date is not good, and already registered for the race, please write an e-mail for us to info(at) and we will put your registration for next year’s race. Thank you for your understanding, and we hope that, one week before the Pope’s visit, we will have a great race this year as well!