New date – 18. May 2019

DATE OF THE RACE IS CHANGED!: In recent days we received information which left us no other choice unfortunately than to move the date of the race one more week earlier than the original announced date was.

The new date of the race: 18. May 2019.

Same as the time of the first date change (due to the Pope’s visit), we were forced to make this decisions -due to circumstances which cannot be controlled by us- this time as well, but of course we would like to apologize for all the caused inconveniences, and we hope that the new date will work out for most of you. Those ones however for whom the new date is not good, and already registered for the race, please write an e-mail for us at, and we will put your registration for next year’s race. Thank you for your understanding, and we hope that we will have a great race on the 18th May as well!