Dear friends,

Despite all our efforts unfortunately we couldn’t assure Tusnadmarathon’s financial background for this year and because we didn’t want to reduce the quality of the race either, we had to made the painful decision of cancelling the 2020 race.

For those runners, who were about to bring their registration from last year (2019), of course we will pay back their registration fee. So we kindly ask those runners who are affected by this to send an e-mail to the and please also include the bank account number where we could transfer the money and we will send back the payed registration fee within a couple of days.

We would like also to thank to all of you, the runners for showing such a confidence in Tusnadmarathon during the last couple of years as you did. Without you it wouldn’t become the fantastic, unique race as it did. Runners came to this beautiful part of Szeklerland for a good run not only from Romania and Hungary but for example from Moldova, Slovakia, Germany, France and Spain too, and we even had a year when more than 700 runners registered.

According to your responses most of you come to like the spirit of Tusnadmarathon during these years and what is sure that for us, organisers, this race was very precious and because of this we hope that this is not the end, but only a short break and we will work on to be able to continue it next year. So we hope that in 2021 we can meet with you again at the start and at the shore of Saint Ann’s lake in the finish.

Tusnadmarathon Organisers