Record number pre-registrations this year: 501 all together. If you missed it, still can register on the spot on the 9. June 16:00-20:00 in the race tent next to St Kristóf Pension, or on the 10. June 7:30-9:00 in the Olt pension.


These are the T-shirt of this year, we hope you will like the graphic. The surprise is that first time int he history of the race the preregistred individual runners get technical T-shirts with the starting bag  The relay members will get cotton T-shirts. IMPORTANT, that on the spot registration does not include any T-shirt (neither technical nor cotton). However we are going to sell some T-shirts ont he spot on limited stock, but if you want to be sure to have the T-shirt in the right size for you , its better to preregister before 30. May.

Tusnad Marathon hoodie

The unique Tusnad Marathon hoodies can be ordered from today. You can send your orders until 15th May, and we will produce exactly that many hoodies as many orders we will receive before this deadline. You can pick up your hoodies at the race centre ont he 9th and 10th June. Order and further details: bit.ly/2nSrHOy

Congratulate to every participants! This year there was close to 40% increase in the number of registrations. (447 people)

Congratulate to every participants! This year there was close to 40% increase in the number  of registrations. (447 people) Due to the rainy weather during the days before the race some runners stayed at home, but even like this almost 400 people participated in the race. The race results are available, and besides the name of the runners everybody can also download his personalised Certificate about the race. www.tusnadmarathon.com/en/results-2016/ Congratulate once more, and let's meet again next yeaer on the 9. Tusnad Marathon on 10. June 2017.