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Fenyő Villa (“Pine Villa”)

The Fenyő Villa („Pine Villa”) is located close to the centre of Tusnádfürdő, near to the E578 road running across the town (20m from the road). The villa has been furbished last summer. Its pleasure rooms give hotel feeling with price of a mansion.

There are three floors. Each floor has four two-bedded rooms and one three-bedded room (Double bed room and one bed room separated with door. Both rooms have an own television.

All of the rooms have a big terrace with a wonderful panorama. In the rooms there are 32 inches televisions, WI-FI and bathroom. There is hot water and on cold days there is central heating.

Two-bedded room price: 25 Euro/night Three-bedded room price: 35 Euro/night The prices include the breakfast. The breakfast and the other meal you can have in Szent Kristóf Panzió. (Distance 200m) The reception is also located in Szent Kristóf Panzió so after arrival and before leaving you can check in and check out there.

 Reservation:  tel: 00 40 266 335 560

St. Cristopher pension

2 single rooms, 11 double rooms, 2 rooms / 3 beds, 5 rooms / 4 beds

Băile Tuşnad, Str. Bradului  nr. 12 00 40 266 335 560


Pension Olt

– 6 rooms with separate beds: own bathroom, TV, fridge  (minibar)

– 8 double rooms: own bathroom, TV, fridge  (minibar)

535100 Băile Tusnad, Strada Oltului nr. 71 tel: 00 40 266 335 210


Iris Pension & Restaurant

– double room / a queen bed or / 2 twin beds

– single room / a queen bed or / 2 twin beds

– double room / jacuzzi and a queen bed

Băile Tuşnad,Str. Apor  nr. 22  tel: 00 40 266 335 586


Csiki Határ Inn 

4 rooms 4 beds, 3 rooms 3 beds, 6 double rooms

Bãile Tusnad, Str. Avântului Nr. 18  tel: 00 40 073 134 1105

solyomkó kulcsosház

Solyómkő Pension & Hotel

If you want to relax in a family atmosphere, Hotel or Villa Sólyomkő is the ideal choice for you. The guest house offers visitors the quiet and peaceful Sekler ambience. Over the past years, we were honored to have numerous public figures as guests  from  the country and abroad.

We are look forward to wellcome you with true Sekler hospitality and with our twelve years of experience.   Reservation:pensionsolyomko@gmail.comtel: 00 40 0722 374 171


Inn Sekler

4 double rooms, 4 beded rooms tel: 00 40 266 335 260

fortuna hotel

Hotel Fortuna

10 rooms; 2 apartments

Baile Tusnad, Str. Kovács Mikós 68  tel: 00 40 266 335 216