700 registrations

Record number registration have arrived to the 10. HRI Vitalion Tusnad Marathon. all together 706. This means more than 20% increase compared to last year’s registration, what was also a record until now.

Most of the runners came from Romania and from Hungary, but we had runners from Slovakia, Moldova, Germany, Belgium, and we also had a Spanish TV crew. The popularity of the race is shown by the fact that 60% of the runners are keep returning to Tusnádfürdő for this run.


1. Kovács Attila (Csíkszereda) 01:31:12;
2. Viorel Tams (Marosbogát) 1:31:24;
3. Dániel Attila (Sepsiszentgyörgy) 01:33:14

1. Maria Magdalena Veliscu (Bukarest) 01:49:27;
2. Török Ibolya (Kolozsvár) 01:53:06;
3. Fazakas Bíborka (Szováta) 01:54:20